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CSC Academy
CSC Academy

Women Health & Hygiene

Disha Social Welfare Society (DSWS) has working volunteer for women & girl with school and slum area’s we providing various Health & hygiene  services to citizens specially in rural India. These volunteer provide digital inclusiveness and support in implementation of various sector initiatives as Health of women & girls, Clean India , skill development e.t.c. DSWS has proven self sustainably volunteer  providing employment to local populace volunteer  now venture into a new social initiative “Naari Samman” where Sanitary Napkin distribution by our volunteer  are being setup to promote women health and hygiene. This service will provide the employment to 2-4 volunteer. dsws is empowering its volunteer  to not only provide sanitary pads at their area’s but also to educate women of their society to overcome this social taboo and encourage the usage of sanitary pads. It shall provide unit for eco-friendly

“Naari Samman” project for Volunteer as Social Activities:


Volunteer will provide free of cost Sanitary Pads to School Girls & slum Women’s of their village and town area.

  • Girls can also avail the same from their dsws volunteer of their area’s.
  • DSWS will provide 100/-Pads girls per year to their volunteer. The Principal of the School will provide written confirmation about the distribution and number of beneficiaries.
  • (Subject to availability of donations)