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CSC Academy
CSC Academy

Child Education & Skill Development Programme

Child Education & Skill Development Programme

We are working to create a learning experience for you.

Child education has been founded by an entrepreneurial educationist whose sole aim is to disseminate education to the masses with the help of technology along with helping students supplement their classroom.

A good quality education helps children reach their full potential; however, for millions of children and youth, it is beyond reach and many are not learning basic skills like reading, science, English & math if they do not attend school.

DSWS NGO team works across many major areas, finding the best solutions to help children learn and thrive.

Our DSWS NGO teams Work are following Areas:

Child Care and Development: These programs are focused on children aged 05-15 a period of tremendous growth

Child Helpline

Child Helpline : Our ngo working as a team work for child help for lost child, we work for the child protection of the rights of all child. But our special focus is on child of need and clean with protection. our main focus of following areas :

  • Children who need emotional support and guideline
  • Missing children & run way child
  • Street children and youth living alone on the streets
  • To reach out to every child In need of care and protection by responding of emergencies.
  • To work together with the allied system police, health care, justice, transport, legal, education, communication, media, with child friendly system.


Women Health & Hygiene

Disha Social Welfare Society (DSWS) has working volunteer for women & girl with school and slum area’s we providing various Health & hygiene  services to citizens specially in rural India. These volunteer provide digital inclusiveness and support in implementation of various sector initiatives as Health of women & girls, Clean India , skill development e.t.c. DSWS has proven self sustainably volunteer  providing employment to local populace volunteer  now venture into a new social initiative “Naari Samman” where Sanitary Napkin distribution by our volunteer  are being setup to promote women health and hygiene. This service will provide the employment to 2-4 volunteer. dsws is empowering its volunteer  to not only provide sanitary pads at their area’s but also to educate women of their society to overcome this social taboo and encourage the usage of sanitary pads. It shall provide unit for eco-friendly

“Naari Samman” project for Volunteer as Social Activities:


Volunteer will provide free of cost Sanitary Pads to School Girls & slum Women’s of their village and town area.

  • Girls can also avail the same from their dsws volunteer of their area’s.
  • DSWS will provide 100/-Pads girls per year to their volunteer. The Principal of the School will provide written confirmation about the distribution and number of beneficiaries.
  • (Subject to availability of donations)


Clean India Healthy India

Cleanliness is a clean habit which is very necessary to all of us. Cleanliness is a habit of keeping ourselves physically and mentally clean including with our home, roads, pet animals, surroundings, environment, pond, river, schools, etc. We should keep ourselves neat, clean and well-dressed all time. It helps in making a good personality and impression in the society as it reflects a clean character. We should maintain the environment and natural resources as water, food, land, etc, cleanliness together with our ngo cleanliness in order to make the possibility of life existence forever on the earth.

Mahatma Gandhi had a revolutionary vision about making India clean. Swachha Mission is integrated with Swachh Bharat Mission  towards realizing this laudable vision. To fulfil Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of a clean and hygienic India. Our PM Shri Narendra Modi himself initiated the cleanliness drive. Picking up the broom to clea


Clean India Green India is said for the cleanliness of our India and to make our India greenery and because of this, there are some of the methods that have been taken by the government of our India to keep our India clean and green. There are many camps that have been organized by our government and it has become as a mission to keep our India clean and for keeping India greenery there are also many camps and organization that has been organized to plant many trees so because of this our India could be clean and green.

From past India has been very much populated and because of this population it is created many pollutions and because of this India has become dirty and to cure this government Prime Minister Narendra Modi has organized a camp name Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to clean India and to remove the dirt that is in India. He is also propounding to the mission of planting many trees so because of this our India could get its greenery again and India would be the green country.

Swachhta Doot : Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

The camp Swachh Bharat Abhiyan that has been organized by our prime minister on 2nd October 2015 the main aim of the camp is to clean our country and also there are many other problems in our country this camp helps to solve all the things. Government organized this camp to spread awareness about a clean and swatch India and also these camp solved the sanitary problems so because of these people get aware and they also started to help for the cleanliness of our India and not only people many big employees and big known people started to help this camps and because of this the mission of swachh Bharat Abhiyan is getting bigger day by day.

The other mission of this camp can be said as to make our country green as there are many pollutions that have been created by the people in our country and to overcome the pollution their should be planted many trees as it can clear the pollution problem and because of these  people come together to support the tree plantation mission. It is said that when our country and our surroundings are clean then only our home and all people should be clean and so because of this the camp has been organized for the development and cleanliness of our India.

Support for the Mission.

As these have become a mission for the development of our country our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken help from many big people who come together for the help of the camps who promote and spread awareness of the camps to many people and so by seeing them the people also started to participate. Many institutes are being organized and also there are Marathon that happens for the spread of the Awareness of cleanliness all over India. Many advertisements and many things that have been taken by our government to keep our country clean and our people should follow the things and keep our local area and our country clean.

Disha Livelihood Campaign

Rural Livelihoods Mission is an autonomous registered society under the Gov of India  It is mandated to implement the National Rural Livelihoods Mission across the state.  Our ngo aims at creating efficient and effective institutional platforms of the rural poor enabling them to increase house hold income through sustainable livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial services.

Disha Social Welfare Society (DSWS) was set up by the Government of India as an independent society under the Ministry of Rural Development, to scale up civil society action in partnership with the central and state governments. Schemes and programmes in partnership with civil society organizations. It came into existence as an independent society The principal objective of DSWS is to empower rural India, ameliorating the lives of its impoverished populace, especially the indigeous tribes and strengthening their confidence in the government and Indian democracy, in coordinatio


Working in tandem with we are organizations that have a local presence, DSWS ensures that the desired results are produced through right strategies as well as efforts. DSWS supports a variety of projects across the breadth of the country.


DSWS NGO is a leading environment of India and a dedicated Green Environment toward protection, conservation and betterment of Environment, Mother Nature and Humanity. Our only objective is to create a habitable Green World and a better world for the present and future generations. ngo mission is to bring the focus back to the value and importance of environment of the world, nature protection, conservation and work towards a sustainable green world. We are working on our volunteers  for the environmental imbalance caused by us and our society at large number of people.DSWS NGO is a leading environment of India and a dedicated Green Environment toward protection, conservation and betterment of Environment, Mother Nature and Humanity. Our only objective is to create a habitable Green World and a better world for the present and future generations. ngo mission is to bring the focus back to the value and importance of environment of the<

Our Helping Partner & Volunteer

Save Tree Save Life our ngo is target across India and planted all over india 1 Crore Tree In India. We work on pan India tree plantation. ngo providing necessary things to millions of needy people. we working to save earth from pollution and empowering women. Water Conservation, Go GREEN Kids, Green Youth Green India, Green Societies Green Earth, children, youths and people for a green environment and future. We work with some school, college, university, society, girl, women’s, house wife,

सेवा भोज योजना

सेवा भोज योजना

सेवा भोज योजना

सेवा भोज योजना